"Hey pooch...what are you lookin' at?!!!"


Lumpy was born January 8th 2002 somewhere near Moscow, Russia. He was brought (smuggled?) to this country by Ilena Deutch of Boston, a Russian immigrant (member Russian Mafia?). He came home to the household of Susan Treadway, Jay Lichtmann & Bix on Sunday March 17th. He was named after the "Leave it to Beaver" character "Lumpy Rutherford" (Wally's friend - the bully). This naming was apt as our little dog has developed a rather "combative" personality when it comes to other dogs.


Lumpy showed signs of independence (trouble) from an early age. He could not be left in a crate for more than a few seconds without letting out some of the most tortured, inhuman sounds ever heard from a canine. He gets along well with Bix about 99.9% of the time, but he is one jealous Frenchman and he has been known to attack Bix viciously over the attentions of his greatest love; Sue. Lumpy also has trouble "getting along with his playmates", when he first encounters another dog he immediately assumes a low posture (fighters stance?) and rushes at the opposing dog trying to bowl them over. Usually nothing more happens, but one of these days somebody's gonna get hurt and my money is on any opposing dog weighing over 20 lbs. In his defense Lumpy loves people and has never, ever even made a threatening gesture to a human being (lucky thing!).


Lumpy wants only one thing in life; for all to recognize his dominance and scratch his butt. He is willing to take out any animal in his way, so watch out. Few have made so much out of so little.


Lumpy would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about his parents, who he is especially proud and protective of:

Susan Treadway
, besides being Lumpy's greatest love, is a registered dental hygienist at a thriving West Hartford practice. Sue grew up in Bloomfield, CT with a totally untrained beagle named Finnigan who, by his own admission, "bit everyone." She is an avid skier, bicyclist & swimmer and enjoys hiking on the wooded trails near her home. Sue also enjoys travel & gardening and has a passion for crossword puzzles & mystery novels.

Jay Lichtmann is Lumpy's personal trainer and entertainment coordinator. In his spare time he plays principal trumpet with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra and is a professor at the Hartt School. Jay grew up in southern California, also with untrained beagles who were named Princess and Spotty. He remembers them as "howling, roaming, rotten little dogs, that snapped at everyone." Jay is enthusiastic about outdoor athletics, and enjoys jogging, bicycling, swimming and hiking.


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