Xaoh Industries is the thriving, cutting edge company developing the breakthrough: Hydrostatic Electromagnetic Transference Generator for in home and small business use.

The Xaoh H.E.T. Generator is the recent invention of the companies' founders; Dr. Takealyer Kaash and Professor Ivana Bilcque. This revolutionary invention, without moving parts of any kind utilizes a permanent electro-magnet and a hydrostatic magnetic core producing primary and secondary insular proton paths. A dedicated input coil and a leading output driver extend around portions of the first proton path, while a derivative input coil and a second driver coil extend into the magnetic field. The secondary proton path in its main flux distorts the hysteresis curve enough to cause hydrostatic saturation of the core, this electronically generates voltage spikes on the output coils that are harnessed and then freely transformed into direct current.

The result is a machine that generates electricity, completely on it's own. A stand alone generator, as it were, producing stable electrical energy while not relying on an outside power source or fuel of any kind. It is the first E.P.M. (electronic perpetual motion) generator ever mass-produced for home and small business consumption.

Installing the Xaoh H.E.T. Generator is as simple as setting up an auxiliary or backup generator for your home. The commercial-grade H.E.T. Generator provides dependable unlimited FREE energy. Available with 8.5 to 100kW output capabilities, Xaoh Industry’s H.E.T. Generators provide worry-free electrical power that can meet your home or small business electrical needs for years to come. Free, clean, quiet, GREEN power - just what the world needs in this era of dwindling, high-priced fossil fuels and global warming. Manufacturers and individuals armed with our Xaoh H.E.T. Generators can significantly lower or completely eliminate their carbon footprint and save tremendous amounts of money at the same time.