our philosophy

Our Philosophy:

Xaoh Industries takes seriously the social responsibility of producing such an important, revolutionary invention as the H.E.T. Generator. We feel this new technology should be made available worldwide and strive for its acceptance and implementation in all developing countries.

The United States and most all of the developing world are at a turning point. The massive infrastructure, first organized early in the industrial revolution, is dependent on the use of un-renewable energy sources, primarily fossil fuels, which are dwindling and harming our planet along the way. As energy costs and needs rise we will be more dependent on foreign countries for our fuel needs and vulnerable to any governmental crisis they find themselves in. Furthermore our dependence on the burning of fossil fuels has created an environmental crisis so great as to threaten our entire existence in the 21st century.

Xaoh Industries has taken the initiative to develop an alternative to our acute addiction to fossil fuels. We have created a device that has been dreamed of for hundreds of years. The idea of perpetual motion has grabbed the imagination of literally millions of scientists and hobbyists over the last 500 years. Many have tried to master the complexities of perpetual motion and create a working model of its properties with no success. It is the revolutionary scientific breakthroughs of Dr Takalyer Kaash and Professor Ivana Bilcque that have put us on the forefront of a new industrial era and prosperity for all mankind.

Xaoh Industries is committed to providing it's scientific breakthroughs to the world. It is our duty and responsibility to share our knowledge and promote our product to help save the planet.